Finally someone who knows how to CUT hair. Mike is an articulate individual with his own unique style. Giving you just what you asked for in your men's haircut. You leave there happy and satisfied knowing..... your hair was NOT "blow dry fluffed", NOT held in place with "gel or mousse". NO, just plain "water" and the proper haircut. Thanks Mike. P.S. Just add water and comb tomorrow, 2 minutes and your off. Same great look as when you left the salon. - Marty A.

I've been going to Michael for 20 years now. Prior to that I must have tried 20 different barbers and hair salons trying to find someone who would cut my hair the way I want it every visit. I found that person 20 years ago and have not looked back. Give Michael a try you may never go elsewhere! - Michael H.

Michael is great. He actually pays attention to what you want and measures your hair, so you never leave with your hair too short or cut some way that you didn't ask for. Well worth it since this kind of service is hard to come by. - Mikey M.

Before I first visited Micheal I was ready to give up on my thinning, fine hair and shave my head clean.....now after a few visits and crafted adjustments....my wife is bringing home new outfits for me to wear with my new accessory! She says I look younger....I say thank you Michael! - Scott C.

Michael is an excellent hairstylist. He is friendly and always on time and efficient in his work. I started going to Michael about six years ago when I decided to trim my long hair short and he was able to make my hair clean and neat. I have continued to go to him as my hair has started to thin and he somehow knows how to trim it so that it looks fuller than it should which is part of his specialty. He also has later weeknight hours and weekend hours which are very convenient. - Ramon L.

Well, I have been going to Michael for a number of months (I tend to average every 3 weeks). Every time I go, the haircuts seem to get better. I am growing my hair back out, and he works with me to accomplish just that. He listens and discusses what I want, and does just that. (unlike a lot of hair stylists). - Richard K.

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